About Us

The Indian Real Estate is an independent platform providing authentic reviews voiced by customer profiles. They pitch the correct tone to the targeted sector regarding the listed builders. This is also an active platform for the upcoming project. The Indian Real Estate is supported by a Bangalore based well reputed web designing and development firm.

The site offers an alliance for potential home buyers to share their authentic opinion. The massive monetary transaction made in the real estate sector as investment is accountable for the critical situation which leads to deal finalization.

To canalize the monetary affair in the real estate sector is still a risky and time task as it still requires certain legal approvals.

Covering all attributes of buying, selling, renting and leasing there is a strict requirement of a channel to track the correct flow of operations. The main aim of this platform is to get the real estate sector rid of all the deceptive measures.

The Indian Real Estate focuses on steps to ensure freedom to brows across authentic information rendering to the interest of the investors. It therefore, aims on providing accuracy of knowledge and information about the real estate agencies. A big platform that renders true information about the real estate players also, provides reviews and opinions. It also gives an edge to the individual to glance down the comments and updates therefore, analyzing the company’s image before making the firm decision to invest.

This sit showcases the real estate agencies in India and also give a chance to rate and review the listed properties. The rating scale ranges from 1 to 5 also an array of parameters to be considered which are Aesthetics of the venue, Infrastructural expertise, maintenance and security, Environmental friendly property. It also considers the amenities and vaastu facts, copious nature, proper lighting and ventilation also adds on to the judgmental parameters.